Personal Wellbeing Counseling & Coaching

Feeling stuck?

Even hopeless?

Things in life seem shallow, grey and almost two-dimensional and almost transparent, like nothing seems real any more.


Those were the feelings, along with a chronic low-level and easily escalating anxiety that I lived with, and the way I described my life. I don’t mind anyone knowing that there was a very dark time that followed the day my life changed with a few words:

“I want a divorce.”

It took the end of an 18 year marriage to get me in for counseling and coaching.

My ex-husband leaving me was the event that opened my eyes to see that while I thought everything was fine and I felt happy, he was a mismatch for me. Clearly, I was deceived and a caring coach/counselor helped me work my way back to real life in a structured way.

This is my calling to the wounded people in the world, the ones who might feel stuck, alone, hopeless, and lonely. So, I went to school to become a coach and health counselor. First, you need to know that your life is worth living. Your story, when you tell another human being with a compassionate heart can be what ignites your recovery. It can restore your hope and faith in you, yourself, your spirit and your worth. You can develop faith and trust again. It’s just on the other side of where you don’t want to go.

All areas of your life are affected by each other. That’s why I also will support you with an entire array of healthful, life changing coaching and guidance.

See how I can help you:

Free Discovery Call:  

Choose this 20-minute introductory call where we can both agree to a working relationship and you can get your questions answered. No obligation.

Single Session Call:

Choose this 50-minute technology based call to get clarity around a single important issue.

4-Session Bundle:

Choose this bundle of 4, 50-minute sessions to dive deep into an issue and get clarity on how this issue is affecting your life on all levels, and design an achievable, effective action plan; or, be supported in planning hard choices. This plan will have an initial session to identify your desired topic and outcomes, then a follow up session each 30 days for a total of three months. Why 90 days total? Because that’s a season in life – time to identify a topic, get clear around it and solidify a plan that you lead to charter the changes you need to see.

***My Best: Six month, 12-session bundle!***

Get a Free Personal Life Health Assessment form and FREE follow up Consultation.

My signature 6-month empowerment program works through most aspects of your life to tap into what might work better, how you want your life to look and practical steps to shift your life in the direction of YOUR dreams. We will work with proven and Universal Wisdom, to elevate your life from just “going through the motions” and daily struggles to seeing the golden path and the purpose in all aspects of your life.

Let the magic of grounded conversation open the door to  transformation in all areas of your life. Using the perfect mix of scientific conversation techniques (no judgement, no unsolicited advice, and always with unconditional positive regard) I take the perfect mix of science and strategy to help you change old habits and realize lasting changes quickly.

Download your health intake form, and email it to me at my secured email

After getting to know you, and reviewing your health history statement, I want to help you design the life that fulfills YOUR desires. Every person is unique, and we all have twelve aspects of our life that need attention so we can live the life of our dreams.



Your body needs to be treated with care so that you can feel and live your best life every day!



Most of us tend to be people-pleasers or feel lost in what we want and what others expect of us. This can lead to a feeling of overwhelm and unfocused thinking. We’ll look at some beliefs that might limit your chances of joy and fulfillment by working on peace and positivity instead of stagnant beliefs that don’t help.



How’s your intimacy and passion going for you? Real intimacy and passion are rare today, so we can look at your relationships and come up with a strategy to elevate from ho-hum to happier!  By getting clear on what changes you need to make or ask for, you can improve your relationship you have, or it may be time to find that person who appreciates you! And it’s all about appreciating your fine self!



Make the most of your time spent with your family, significant other, children and parents. Deepening bonds can provide better love and family dynamics. In the case where this isn’t possible, we can re-identify family and maintain safety and confidence.



A home with sacred spaces becomes supportive to peace, relaxation, and can connect your heart to the Divine. Your home is your personal every day space where you live and feel grounded. Designing the comfort you want can include the sacredness of space, bringing the outside in, and help establish consistency and rhythm of life.



Sometimes friendships turn sideways and become demanding instead of elevating. We look at releasing the relationships that don’t work, and prepare for those that do. Had enough of drama and time for a detox? We can examine those relationships and understand that boundaries aren’t barriers – but are social agreements that make relationships work.



Feel stuck in a soul-sucking job that you have outgrown? Let’s talk about what’s next! Maybe you have some ideas and maybe you can discover some new ones. Let’s see where you are and what might need to happen!



Expand your awareness of your divine self, your expanding consciousness, and let’s find some things to feed your life in a positive way. Could it be yoga, skiing, singing in a choir? Anything is possible!



Beyond religion, personal spirituality is a deep relationship that only you can experience. This is a deep discussion, and all avenues are open to you. Whether you are a member of a religion, or not – your spiritual connection can be reignited and more meaningful. Let’s find out what Lights up your Soul!



What is your individual bliss? What makes you Love Life without effort, drama or stress? Hobby? Travel? Coffee? Netflix? Let’s strategize adding in some fun!



How’s that stress over finances working out for you? Desperate feelings when you think about money and debt? Let’s uncover and disarm money beliefs and make money work in your life. Identify wants versus needs, and make a plan to get out of debt and start saving instead. Living within your means can mean emotional freedom from fears surrounding money.



What would be your own authentic style if you could design it? Upgrade your wardrobe? Let’s talk about dressing the body you have, loving your face in the mirror, hair cuts, getting nails done, what ever floats your boat to make YOU feel better about being YOU and saying it with a style all your own.