Getting “Unstuck” Journey


Feeling stuck?

Even hopeless?

Things in life seem shallow, grey and almost two-dimensional and almost transparent, like nothing seems real any more…. know that feeling?


Those were the feelings, along with a chronic low-level and easily escalating anxiety that I lived with, and the way I described my life. I don’t mind anyone knowing that there was a very dark time that followed the day my life changed with a few words:

“I want a divorce.”

It took the end of an 18 year marriage to get me in for counseling and coaching. And I realized I could help others. I have the experience, the training and education and the license. Being heard is the Universal Medicine for well-living.

Our connection to the Universe is a spiritual one that is greater than our understanding, and yet somehow we know we are part of something greater. We each do have the capacity for success as we define it, abundance as we envision it, and relationships that satisfy our need for belonging. Somehow, I have always known that not only is my life purpose to support the higher calling for people on an individual basis, it’s also my passion and my reason for being.

To support my purpose, Life has given me many gifts, many of which I never recognized. But now, the time is here to reveal and step out in authenticity. My life’s story has included deep lessons that some would regard as traumatic and damaging, and yet from the ashes of pain and betrayal have arisen:


Clear intuition

Deep empathy

A spirit that does not judge

Insights to life patterns that appear as “problems”

Working with me is comfortable, like chatting with a friend. See, in traditional life coaching or therapy-based encounters, you’re often TOLD what to do or what you SHOULD be doing.

Nobody likes to be TOLD what they SHOULD do.

Instead, how would it feel to be:

  • Heard
  • Acknowledged for what you say, what you feel, how you deal with life
  • Not receive ANY unsolicited advice
  • Be comfortable and relaxed
  • Receive honest and positive clarity
  • Design your own “next steps,” and clearly know when “success” is reached
  • Be able to track your progress clearly (for ongoing encounters)
  • Leave the conversation satisfied with your plan

That would probably feel really good, secure and amazing, right?

And, that is what I do. With a rare combination of decades of service as a registered nurse, health and life coach, service in the military, living in different places with different populations, I have come to know one single truth to be universal:

Your life matters.

You are important.

And there’s nothing you can do that erases your humanity.

I don’t offer a magic pill, or make-believe “feel good” bullshit programs. I don’t have the time or the stomach for that, and neither do you.

Here are some of the areas I have helped with in the past:

  • Finding and identifying your Life Purpose
  • Getting “unstuck” from unwanted thoughts and patterns of living
  • Working toward forgiveness because it’s a huge issue for you
  • Grief work of the deepest nature
  • Health Concerns and making changes in lifestyle
  • Healing versus Curing – We can find the meaning in illness when a cure isn’t possible
  • Conflict healing – thoughts versus wants can trap us.


You are supporting a disabled U.S. Military Woman Veteran – owned business.

Thank you.