A Whole Health Lifestyle

A Whole, Healthy Life Style!

Whole Health Lifestyle means you make wiser choices, including choosing less of the things that we know are not healthy for us, and over time, adding in choices that are better for us, better tasting, and best of all: soon the good choices will CROWD OUT the bad ones!

There’s no supplements to buy, no fancy or expensive shakes, just real food, real choices.

What’s missing? Nothing you’ll miss! Just things like:

  • Judgement
  • Excuses
  • Feeling bad about your choices

What’s new to you?

How would you like to talk to an RN and formulate YOUR OWN lifestyle goals and actions – in other words, create your own best life?

Now you can do it. Join the hundreds who Lizzie has coached to improve their lives!

Through the magic of reflective counselling, Lizzie will talk with you in a scientifically validated technique with the odd name of “Motivational Interviewing.” This technique has been proven in over 300 random studies to save money for people, prevent advancing illnesses, and help solidify Health Behaviour Change!

We’ll introduce the choices of food that appeal to you, exercise and body involvement that you choose yourself, look at your relationships, set meaningful goals and you’ll be supported and validated in a completely blame-free, no unsolicited advice, and respectful manner.

There is no set number of sessions, although most people are able to set goals, make positive changes, and secure their path to health with small, achievable and significant changes in 6 to 8 sessions. Lizzie uses scientifically validated techniques to help you assure your goals and plans are set – by you and for you.


Coaching agreement and intake form will be emailed to you shortly after appointment is booked.

GUARANTEE:  If you don’t think we can work together in the first 10 minutes of our initial conversation, I’ll cheerfully refund your fee except for $25 booking and transactions charges. Just say so within the first 10 minutes, no questions asked.

© Lizzie Bennett PhD RN