Spiritual Counsel

Spiritual Counsel: Rooted in spirituality and global humanity, you are invited to explore your questions in deepest safety. Conversations are always done with unconditional positive regard, with no unsolicited advice, and with the deepest compassion.

Spend an hour with a nice diffuser of essential oils to relax you, crystals to focus your mind, and space to talk about what your spirit desires.

Sometimes the topic is our partners, our loneliness, a crisis of faith, deep soul pain, or longing to know and understand our place in the world. Sometimes you just need to tell a human being your story and what is on your heart.

This conversation can be facilitated in many ways, but the conversation will always be cleared with you. Enjoy intentional conversation, and affirming presence.

Lizzie’s super-power for this kind of session: Deep Listening with compassion.

Lizzie has been an ordained eclectic-denominational minister (since 2003) of the Spirit.

Location:  Lakewood WA studio clinic -or- Zoom conference GET ZOOM FREE HERE

Appointment: Advance appointment required

Time: 50 minutes. Your time is reserved just for you. If you are late, I will wait as you have purchased that block of time and attention, please understand that we will still end on time.

Cost: USD $ 87.00 payable when schedule is set.