Readings: Card-facilitated readings have been used to help people understand deep secrets that our conscious minds overlook most of the time. Exploring a topic often yields that “ah-HAH!” moment that we treasure and know to be enlightening.

A variety of readings are offered:

~ Inspired Oracle: Using non-Tarot approaches, Lizzie will listen carefully and help you formulate a question for the Oracle, or the Divine Spirit. Sometimes messages come through a knowingness (claircognizance), and sometimes we’ll use crystals, essential oils, pendulum, or certain non-Tarot cards. Each facilitation is a completely individual experience. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your phone with camera, a journal or notebook and pen with you.


~ Tarot Readings: by far the most requested service, Lizzie has been reading Tarot cards since an early age and is fluent in the story and placing questions, events and signs into an understandable and practical interpretation. The secret is a well-formed question. No foolishness such as lottery numbers, and non-serious questions will be taken.  You can enjoy a deep and meaningful interpretation of the cards and what the oracle would have you know. No future is ever engraved in stone – and, even if it were, your human Will is still the determining factor in outcomes. No scary stuff, just serious conversation and in-depth considerations. Lizzie also reads non-Tarot oracle cards, of which a wide selection is available.


Recommended Journals (click image to go to Amazon):

Location:  Lakewood WA studio clinic and via Zoom. GET ZOOM FREE HERE

Appointment: Advance appointment required

Time: 50 minutes. Your time is reserved just for you. If you are late, I will wait as you have purchased that block of time and attention, please understand that we will still end on time.

Cost: USD $ 67.00 payable when schedule is set.