Integrative Health Facilitation

Enjoy private counseling with targeted conversation for your specific needs and challenges. Do you need to make health behaviour changes that your healthcare providers have talked to you about? Do you have a chronic condition (such as diabetes, overweight or chronic pain) that is impacting your life and you would like to talk to an Advanced Holistic Nurse* about options? Even as simple as feeling stuck, hopeless, or unable to make a decision – you lead the clarifying and enlightening conversation and you’re supported in taking actions and setting priorities that can help you get unstuck and move forward.

We will meet privately either through technology or in-person. Lizzie is educated and certified in therapeutic conversation techniques that are designed to put you at ease, feel fully engaged in telling your own story, identifying your goals or what you like to see happen, and find your own path and next steps.

Sometimes homework tools might be used like a dream journal, guided writing, books to read, exercise, or even artwork! All designed to help you create your own path in a supported and confident manner.

Location:  Lakewood WA studio clinic -or- Zoom conference (Zoom is FREE CLICK HERE )

Appointment: Advance appointment required

Time: 50 minutes. Your time is reserved just for you. If you are late, I will wait as you have purchased that block of time and attention, please understand that we will still end on time.

Cost: USD $ 87.00 payable when schedule is set.