AromaTouch Technique® Healing

The Full-Spectrum Aromatherapy Visit: Plan to be here for a spiritual assessment, exploration of beliefs that might be holding you in a certain place, and a full AromaTouch Technique® application. You will leave knowing you have been heard, validated, and you’ll feel transformed at all levels.

Starting with a deep conversation that will draw out the connection between beliefs, feelings and signs in our bodies, we will use a tested compendium to correlate what the relation is between physical unease and beliefs that might be limiting you, or causing anxiety or stress in your life. Then, enjoy  the full-spine, ear, and foot AromaTouch® Technique clinical aromatherapy intervention. It’s quite a transformative experience that’s sure to leave you refreshed, relaxed and uplifted in your spirit. This isn’t massage, and your modesty is protected.

During your essential oil experience, you will receive continual Loving and Accepting Presence channeled through my Nurses’ Hands. I only discovered that a loving intention combined with the Technique is magnified in healing ability in March, 2018.

Designed by Dr. David K. Hill, this technique uses aromatherapy to its highest healing potential: body (with light touch), mind , and leaves the soul satisfied through connection. (I learned this technique from Dr. Hill in Bellevue, WA in 2013 the first time.)

Grounded in science and research, AromaTouch® Technique was designed to
~ balance the nervous system,
~ reduce emotional stressors,
~ reduce the perception of physical pain, and
~ support a healthy immune system.

I experienced my first Aromatouch Technique in 2011, and it transformed me on many levels, and I decided right then and there that giving Aromatouch Technique is one of the purposes in my life to help people get better on all levels.

This therapy session uses essential oils and a coconut carrier oil. If you have any allergies to coconut or essential oils, please let me know so I can make adjustments and choose other oils for you.

Location:  Lakewood WA studio clinic. No outcalls.

Appointment: Advance appointment required.

Appointment Time: Allow 60 to 75 minutes. Your time is reserved just for you. If you are late, I will wait as you have purchased that block of time and attention, please understand that we will still end on time, which may mean your service delivered will not be complete.

Cost: USD $ 57.00 payable when schedule is set.