Integrative Health Counseling or CoachingEnjoy private counseling with targeted conversation for your specific needs and challenges. Do you need to make health behaviour changes that your healthcare providers have talked to you about? Do you have a chronic condition (such as diabetes, overweight or chronic pain) that is impacting your life and you would like to talk to an Advanced Holistic Nurse* about options? Even as simple as feeling stuck, hopeless, or unable to make a decision – you lead the clarifying and enlightening conversation and you’re supported in taking actions and setting priorities that can help you get unstuck and move forward.

Aromatherapy ConsultationEnjoy a targeted and specifically created aromatherapy intervention just for you. Service includes assessment, review of your health history, understanding your needs and targeted desires for the treatment, and a reassessment. Included is an invitation (but not a requirement) to purchase a complete set of essential oils with instructions for use at wholesale prices so you can enjoy targeted aromatherapy at home. Your consultation is complimentary with purchase of the complete home set.

Energy Healing: You can choose between a full Classic Usui Reiki treatment, which is a hands-on therapy, while you remain clothed and comfortable on our massage table, OR hands-off Kuntz-Kreiger Therapeutic Touch, the classic nurses’ energy therapy. 

Spiritual Counsel: Rooted in spirituality and global humanity, you are invited to explore your questions in deepest safety. Conversations are always done with unconditional positive regard, with no unsolicited advice, and with the deepest compassion.

The Full-Spectrum Aromatherapy Visit: Plan to be here for a spiritual assessment, exploration of beliefs that might be holding you in a certain place, and a full AromaTouch® Technique application. You will leave knowing you have been heard, validated, and you’ll feel transformed at all levels. You will co-create your own Health Declarations to take with you.

Intuitive Readings: Card-facilitated readings have been used to help people understand deep secrets that our conscious minds overlook most of the time. Exploring a topic often yields that “ah-HAH!” moment that we treasure and know to be enlightening.

*  Advanced Holistic Nurse:  Lizzie Bennett is licensed in the State of Washington as a registered nurse. She is also a Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse (AHN-BC) and has a Master of Nursing degree in Integrative Health.

An important word about confidentiality: All communications are private in this clinic and in this practice. However, there are “mandatory reporting” laws in the State of Washington that require harm or suspected harm to be reported. In addition, some courts might issue orders that compel records to be disclosed. Be assured that records are kept by hand, on paper, so your information can not be hacked by any electronic means.