Three Moons Journey

Three Moons Medicine Signature Journey

This journey is about 90 days in length and includes four separate multiple encounters, with a bonus follow up the last about a month after the Journey for closure and reflection.

Please understand not everyone is accepted into this deep journey.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can schedule a “discovery” 30- minute video chat for USD $27.  If you choose to proceed AND we can work together the $25 will be applied to your Journey fee. ALL candidates must have a discovery video chat. 

If a candidate is accepted into the Journey, a link will be sent, and calls scheduled. The $25 credit will be given toward the purchase price.

This journey’s fee is USD $ 587.  Total of 4 conversations and at least 4.5 hours total. Purchase your journey here, coupon code for discount will be given during discovery call.

STORY MEDICINE – our first conversation will centre around the story that you need to tell to another compassionate human being. From this story we’ll work together to find the essence of healing need and agree on the next step in the journey. There is usually a journaling or other story clarification and resolution exercise to be completed individually. This is the place where hidden lessons, insights, family stories and wisdom are found.  60 minutes.Usually things are found that:

Usually things are found that:

  1. Need to be fixed (like rewriting a story),
  2. Need to be nourished (body parts, memories, inner child… and the work could include dance, painting, conversation with body or others), or
  3. Need to be cleansed (ritual, releasing exercise, guided meditation).

ENERGY MEDICINE – our second conversation is centered around applying energetic practices to SEAL and PROTECT and HEAL the work that was started and identified in the first conversation. We may look at Angel realms, dry brushing, aromatherapy, aura cleansing, cord cutting with Archangel Michael, distance Reiki, yoga, flower essences and animal presence therapy.  Ideas agreed to are SEALED at the end, and we’ll follow up with the experiences at the next call. It’s highly recommended to keep a daily personal journal during this experiential month. 60 minutes

SERENITY MEDICINE – after exploring the effects and benefits of energy medicine, we’ll discuss and plan ways to experience and cultivate serenity in your life. The two power-house practices that are foundational are FORGIVENESS and GRATITUDE. After we talk about that, we’ll establish a few activities to support the next month of accepting peace in your life. We might discuss how to reframe thoughts; my “unlinking therapy” process; morning pages, oracle cards, setting and keeping effective personal boundaries, prayer and mindfulness. 60 minutes.

CLOSING CONVERSATION – After we discuss the experience of introducing Serenity Practices, I’ll give you a full Angel Card Reading! You can focus on whatever the angels have for you in the way of messages, love, career, finances, it’s up to you. 60 – 90 minutes.

Package specifics:

  • Each Three Moons Journey is customized specifically for each person.
  • The journey is facilitated, but the Work must be done individually.
  • One 30-day pause is permitted when life demands a break.
  • Your journey contains three working consultations, and one closing consultation.
  • Individual consultations are available after the journey is complete.
  • No guarantees of specific accomplishments are guaranteed, but you will have complete attention, mystical experiences, and delve deeper into your purpose than you might have ever before.
  • No refunds are given.