Individual Sessions

Individual Therapeutic Conversation Appointments

Are available at the rate of $67 for one hour. You are in control of the topic and the direction of the conversations. You will experience a safe and supportive environment, no unsolicited advice will ever be given, and no judgements. The best way I can frame the sense is “unconditional positive regard.” You can schedule and purchase your individual sessions here. Purchase your Individual appointment here.

Sessions start with intention-setting. My usual opening is:

“Let this work be for the highest good of (your name), guided by their angels, guides, higher Self, and the Divine. Allow me to stay open to the guidance of the way of the Love of all that is, Holy and Divine. Let me be the instrument of peace and harmony to (your name) without restriction. And so it is.”

These sessions can include any kind of therapeutic and helping modality. Angel Readings, Oracle readings, Spiritual Counseling, or Specific Topic Health or Life Coaching. All done kindly, without judgement or unsolicited advice. After all, listening is my superpower!

EXTENDED 90-minutes Consultations:

Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that require a deeper look, and extended conversation for guidance and clarity. $107.00  Purchase 90 minutes session here.