Distance Energy Healing

Distance Healing

USD $56 for three 20-minute sessions, purchase your three distance healings here. Be sure to specify your requests in the NOTES section on Paypal. (I will email if you forget.)

Distance energetic healing has proven as effective as in-person treatments. I work on the individual requesting services only. Never on anyone or for anyone who has not personally requested the service. I also work on animals, who are amazingly receptive to subtle energy healing.

Because an amazing amount of healing occurs with little time AND multiple sessions are cumulative and build on each other, I do not provide one session only.

Sessions are divided into three separate times, each at least 20 minutes. Energy therapy lets the practitioner know when it is “complete,” and 20 minutes is the average time I’ve found over the years to be effective. And three treatments is the minimum for noticeable healing to occur (lessening of symptoms, feeling better, brighter outlook, etc).

Some conditions that I have worked on: depression, cancer, sadness, pain, anxiety, focus, skin conditions, spine problems, joint problems, arthritis, chronic fatigue, PTSD, chronic fatigue, paw-chewing, easing the transition process (death and dying).

I will perform three sessions over the seven days after your request and send an email report of any energetic patterns I felt or saw, and any energetic recommendations (like crystal therapy, tapping, etc) that you can do to continue healing.