Eye Health

A very long time ago, it was said that British bomber pilots in World War II used the venerable Bilberry for increased night vision – in order to navigate the deep blue-black sky and assure that their payloads were maximized against their encroaching enemies.

Although this legend is shrouded in myth and speculation, the bilberry (vaccinium myrillus)  remains a top go-to herbal supplement for it’s eyesight enhancing and eye health supporting properties. It’s true that it has an abundance of a chemical compound called anthocyanosides, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

As a holistic RN and a person who wears eyeglasses, I went on a hunt to find a trusted source of supplementation for my eyes. One that has power antioxidant properties (because of the delicate membranes and structures in the eyes that can be susceptible to free-radical-oxidation damage) and had Bilberry. I don’t trust popular drug-store supplements much because of all the stories of improper labeling, and downright polluted content.

However, I am delighted to find Ocu-Thera. It’s only available through licensed health care providers on the ProThera website. And, as a strict vegetarian, I was delighted that it comes in a vegetarian capsule.

I’m providing the link for you (tap the picture), but you have to have a provider ID number to register on their website. You can use P12 (that’s P one two) to unlock your access.

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