Offerings & Services



Single Sessions. Private one-to-one coaching services can be scheduled here. Sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length. You are in charge of the process and content and goal-setting in these sessions.

Bundled Sessions. You can arrange for a bundle of three sessions at a savings of 15% here. It’s been my experience after coaching hundreds of clients that sessions are best at one month apart for most goals and changes. However, you can also schedule every other week or every week for intense needs.

Reading Services. Much like the coaching sessions, you can purchase a 50 minute private reading either singly or in a bund of three sessions at a 15% discount, below.

Bundle of Three Premium Readings. Purchase here and save 15%. Schedule your first session at purchase, and we’ll schedule the other two in person.

Where’s Lizzie? Upcoming events and classes are posted here.

Please, it is company to ask for at least 48 hours‘ notice of cancellations.