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Q: Tell me what working with you is like in your Thought Therapy practice.

My entire practice is centered around this concept:

When you think better, you live better.

A: Great question! My practice is pretty simple: We’ll meet three times over three months.

Session One: Story. We’ll hone in on your specific priority and get super-clear on what you want to change from where you are, right now. No child-hood revisiting, no re-hashing difficult moments from the past, we are entering in a practical and sacred space to create a bond, get YOUR STORY clear, and get clear on what you want out of your stuckness, fear, or the sensations you are feeling.  You will leave with an actionable plan that you, yourself design, and goals for the next months.

Session Two: Energy. We review the prior month, the successes and challenges, and reformulate the energy awareness and the spiritual changes and challenges with making the advances and changes you want. We can refocus, we can discuss, we can analyze and plan for the advancement and next steps. Sometimes what you might have thought you wanted will be re-focused or refined. It’s all up to you – you can rest assured you are professionally supported in a sacred manner through your process. We create and focus the energy you need.

Session Three: Serenity. This will be our last session. Over the previous two months, a lot of work has been done, and maybe some journaling or other self-care and self-discovery practices implemented. We’ll celebrate, recalibrate, and revision life going forward. This is a sacred space and time.

Q:  Where and how do we meet?

A: I meet with people privately and one-to-one over technology. We set the intention, clarify your goal, and you guide the entire process.

Q:  What can I expect?

A:  You can expect to be put at ease, guided through the painful moments, supported unconditionally and never be told what to think, be or do; and HEARD with validation.

Q:  How is a session different from a reading?

A:  Sometimes a reading (Tarot, Angel or Oracle) is a part of the session, and sometimes you might only want a reading. Either way, any conclusions drawn, plans made, or questions you have are answered in the time allotted. Tarot, Angel, or Oracle readings ARE counseling and coaching techniques in my practice.

Q:  Do you have “packages” available at a discount?

A:  I only offer the following:

  1. Standard three month, 3 visits.
  2. Intensive option which is by interview only, does not guarantee acceptance, and is very limited so there may be a wait list.
  3. Occasionally a tarot oracle wisdom reading. This is a one-time session and offered only when available. You may be put on a wait list. I have been a reader (“fortune-teller”) since 1967.

Q:  Since you are an Advanced Holistic Nurse, do you take insurance?

A: No, I am not paneled with any insurance companies and have no plans to be.  I do not offer refunds, medical or therapy coding or records. You are responsible for knowing your plan.

Q:  Can I take pictures of readings?

A:  Absolutely, yes. I also keep tissues for those tender moments, and pens and paper so clients can make their notes to take with them.

Q:  Do you do family counseling?

A:  No, I do not.

Q:  Do you see clients that are underage?

A:  No, I do not. I only see clients 21 years of age or older.

Q:  Do you counsel couples?

A:  I do not provide couples therapy or counseling.

Q:  Do you provide Christian counseling?

A:  I do not. I do not affiliate with any religion at all. However, I do support the universal spirituality in which humankind acknowledges and moves in congruence with the Divine. I am a non-denominational Minister of the Human Spirit.

Q: Do you provide Spiritual counseling?

A.  Yes. I recognize the Divinity of the Human Spirit in every person, decision and action.

Q:  Are you a minister?

A:  Yes, I have been ordained since 2003 and I minister to the Human Spirit and the Universal Divine.  I have completed the Bard, Ovate and Druid levels in the ancient Druid tradition of Western Europe, and was ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery in Seattle.

Q:  Do you provide “energy healing?”

A:  Yes: I invoke this and infuse our entire session with energy medicine.

Q: What is “cognitive behavior therapy?”

A:  It’s a psychological and therapeutic name for thought therapy. It is used by psychiatrists, psychologists, and advanced nurses as a scientifically-validated technique of counseling. I have held a national (U.S.) professional certification. We can identify dominant negative thinking patters and change them systematically. When we think better, we live better – that’s a fact.