My own healing journey story begins around age 11.  I frequently dreamt, almost lucidly, about being a registered nurse. I dreamt about wearing a white uniform and having a golden orb that surrounded me and comforted me. That dream didn’t come true until I had entered my fourth decade of life, and by that time I was pretty well in need of the healing I wanted to share with others. Time in the military and growing up in a home that sheltered an alcoholic had left me pretty well depressed, suicidal, sexual traumatised, and enmeshed deeply with the constellation of symptoms related to PTSD. And, it was in opening up and Telling the Story that I found both the strength for healing and a way to disempower the rigid beliefs that framed my thoughts and beliefs.


After becoming an RN, I continued my education and earned a nurse master’s degree in Integrative Health, and a PhD in Natural Health and Health Promotion. I discovered energy medicine in my education and was intrigued. Years of talk therapy had left me exhausted and without hope, and medications for depression left me strange and oddly disconnected from life. I felt like I was living a shadow of reality. Traditional medicine had let me down, and my chosen profession after decades of military service left me hurried, rushed, criticised and broken in spirit.

It was a highlight when I discovered energy work. I experienced my first Reiki session in Bothell, Washington and felt alive. My spine tingled, my mood lifted, and I was overcome with the feeling of Love that my Golden Orb used to bestow as a child. I was “home,” somehow. From there my journey took flight, and I studied Reiki for a year and practised every chance I got – soon others and my own soul were healing. After that, I studied the healing arts of Druidry (pre-Christian Celtic arts), sought out the nurses’ energy healing modality called Therapeutic Touch, studied Reflexology for two years, practiced the “energization exercises” as taught by a great Indian master, aromatherapy, Angel therapy, flower therapy, crystal energy healing…. basically anything I could get my hands on. I was so excited! My own profession as an RN was basically an extension of the common medical practice that focused on pills, talk therapy, and then blaming the patient if healing didn’t occur (i.e., we actually used to write things like “patient failed physical therapy!” The truth is that physical therapy failed the patient).

Today, it’s known that energy modulating therapies are effective.

It changed everything for me. I can walk after struggling for almost two years with bone-on-bone arthritis. I can discuss the trauma from sexual assault without clamming up. I can let people make their own choices without trying to please or fix them. These may not seem like a huge skill set for achievement, but by clamming up and pushing down horrible experiences and memories – the body can die and diseases manifest. Energetic manipulations have healed this body and mind and will continue to do so.


Along my life path, I two things about serenity. It wasn’t to be found in any organised religion, and that I desperately needed to divest myself from the belief that compliance with religion was the same as spirituality. I was raised in a very conservative, male-dominated, female-marginalising religion called “Southern Baptist.” The more I tried to be quiet, not noticed, and good the worse things became. Does this sound like a perfect recipe for collapsed boundaries, people-pleasing, and near complete lack of assertiveness skills? Yep, that was me. And I was left hurting but with no guidance or direction. And very insecure, hyper-vigilant, and depressed.

Things turned around after leaving that environment and finding progressively liberal and accepting spiritual paths such as the Episcopal church, the Heathen faith, Wicca, Druidry, Sanatan Dharma, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, and finally spirituality without a label. I found a gathering of people who taught me about meditation, yoga postures for enlightenment, chanting, and the healing and peace of music.

So, what are the lessons that can be seen through my own story?

My “diagnosis” from STORY MEDICINE:  Lack of Love

My “diagnosis” from ENERGY MEDICINE: The Flow of Love

My “diagnosis” from SERENITY MEDICINE: The Experience of Love

What will your journey look like?

Three Moons.

The three-month supported journey to healing.


The structured Journey passes through the Story that we know, which brings to light the things we can hold for healing; tell us what nourishment is needed in our body, mind and spirit; and guide us to what cleansing work might be beneficial.


Recovery and healing starts from the hope and the life-centered messages that Story identified. In a supported and holistic framework, we address trauma, beliefs and spiritual needs with a variety of guided interventions. We’ll discuss and following your own intuitive path, integrate energy balancing into the fabric of the STORY. Some examples include:

  • Prayer
  • Positive Declarations
  • Reiki / Therapeutic Touch
  • Altars
  • Angel / Heaven / Goddess / God
  • Aromatherapy & Flower Essences
  • Bodywork


In our third marker, we address serenity, peace and mindfulness in our lives. This helps us make specific and intentional decisions about self-care, spiritual presence, ritual, journaling and activities that bring us to mindfulness and ground us in peace. Here we add the practices that STORY and ENERGY medicines have revealed as helpful. Some people have chosen journaling, oracle cards, yoga, mindfulness and prayer as examples.




How does it work?

Simply schedule your selection on the Services page!

Professional-level notes will be kept, and the first full session will be an intake style conversation where your desires, blockages, goals, or therapeutic interventions are discussed and outcomes identified. Follow up sessions are centered around moving toward identified goals and structure.

Is there an obligation?

Not at all. If you do not want further sessions, simply do not schedule them.

Can I have my records and notes?

Absolutely, yes. They’ll be sent to you as an email document after each session’s notes are concluded, as part of your service fee. Additional requests for email records cost USD $27.00 via PayPal.

Notes are only kept for one year and will be unavailable one year after the date of the records, no exceptions.

Where do we meet?

ALL sessions are conducted virtually, using the ZOOM teleconferencing platform. You may download the FREE app for most electronic devices here. Understanding some people are Highly Sensitive Persons, you may prefer teleconference (i.e., audio without video) mode, you are always in charge and welcome to leave your camera off and we will talk audio only. No sessions are conducted face to face.

What if I want to stop my session early?

You’re in charge of sessions. Sometimes we get overwhelmed and don’t want to talk further. Or, if you need to take a break during your session, that’s fine, too.

What is your refund policy?

Services Agreement: You will be remitting payment as a “Service,” not “Goods.” You’re not paying for a product. You’re paying for Dr. Lizzie’s knowledge, experience, insights, and time. You’re paying her to set aside everything else, honour your scheduling choice and being fully present to dedicate full attention entirely to you for the duration of your appointment. When you order an appointment, you are receiving from custom and personal services, not an ordinary product. No refunds are given.

What are Dr. Lizzie’s qualifications?


Holistic Advanced Registered Nurse, with Master of Sciences in Nursing Integrative Health and Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing

Ordained Minister of Spirit (non-denominational)

Board Certified Advanced Holistic Registered Nurse

Certified Life Coach

Certified Archangel Life Coach

Registered Health Coach

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Chronic Condition Health Coach

Certified Angel Card Reader

Certified Angel Intuitive

Certified Assertiveness Coach

Certified Fairyologist (Earth Angels)

Certified in Motivational Interview Therapy

Master of Nursing Sciences (Integrative Health)

PhD Natural Health/Health Promotion

Spirituality Thought Leader

Author, Writing With Angels

Author, The Positive Affirmation Mind

Publisher, www.threemoonsmedicine.com

Publisher, www.444angelreadingsalon.com (email readings)

Distance Energy Therapy – Level III Reiki Master & Teacher

Therapeutic Touch Certified

Master Certified Reflexologist

Cognitive Hypnotherapy (Autosuggestion)

Reflective Counselor

Disabled Military Veteran of 23 years’ service

Divorce Counseling

PTSD Counseling

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