Chakra Balancing Angel

While Chakras are widely held to be 7 in number and the spine known as the River of Life in full yoga, there are many more than seven. Now, also yoga means “union with God,” and had nothing to do with blonde women in pony tails bending into awkward shapes. Hatha Yoga is one of the eight paths to Enlightenment, the supreme of them being Raja Yoga.

I pondered this card a long time before presenting it, because it blends the Judeo-Christian ideology of Angels with a portion of Yogic wisdom without homage to either.I do see wisdom here, though. My personal encounter with an Angelic Being at death was a magnificent entree into studying them in all sorts of ancient texts (i.e., real books not electrons) and drawing my own conclusions for my life. Then, my 3 years living in an ashram undergirded my knowledge of Raja Yoga and an introduction into all 8 paths, culminating in 8 hour meditations at Christmas time.

So, here is my wisdom related to this card, as mish-mashed as I had originally judged it to be. Balance can be found, felt, and used at any time, no matter what your beliefs are about the structure of Energy in the human body. Balance isn’t just needed for “energy,” but for many things. The Balance I speak of is for time, work, food, finances, sleep, play, relationships, emotional involvement, learning, giving, sharing, meditating and deciding things. This balance begins with awareness of “enough” and the willingness to trust that enough is, well: enough.
~ stop eating the food when you’re full
~ do the creative work when you feel freshly inspired and able to feel the Joy of the work
~ even if it’s only a little bit, surrender some of the finances for charity. You have enough, and you’ll get more.
~ if you’re emotionally drained and it’s hard to keep up the relationship – let it go for a while. Maybe it isn’t for you.

Just be aware when “enough” happens. Seek your personal peace. Balance is a word that has many meanings, and here with this card, I judge it to mean wisdom to know when to do the thing, and when to stop the thing until next time.

Angel Reading Card Deck, #15
Debbie Malone and Amalia Chitulescu
© Three Moons Medicine®
Elizabeth Bennett

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