Tips from the Road: Daily Routines and Rituals

This makes vanliving sound so peaceful!

Like Water for Brisket

The van is my home now, and with over 100 days on the road, I can say there are some definite ways I’ve turned my vansion into a home. In this extremely unpredictable and unconventional life choice, I’ve found ways to anchor myself and normalize. I’ve never been a big fan of routines or being conventional, but getting into some domestic daily habits has ensured that I’m all the more comfortable in my home on wheels.

Here are a few ways I keep it real wherever I land.

Morning Wash Up:

I brush my teeth, wash my face, change my clothes every morning. Yup, when I roll out of bed, I have a set program. Pee, walk the dog, make my bed and wash up. I do all this before I even think about coffee, breakfast or where to head to from my parking spot. I never thought making my…

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