Where’s My “Inner Wisdom?” Part 2 of 8

Inner wisdom is the place where we often find answers, deep realizations and our own way. And yet, answers can seem remote and even impossible at times. This is one of the many ways that end up feeling “stuck,” and might seek help.

In this second segment, a tip to look at and ask ourselves is “Am I over thinking my problems? How else can wisdom appear in my life?”  We humans have been endowed with a brain with which to think, a consciousness that connects us to a higher plane and existence than just our own self, and a mind with which to consider things, examine and mull over them.

It’s estimated that we have about sixty to eighty THOUSAND thoughts every single day. That calculates down to somewhere between two thousand to three and a half thousand thoughts every single hour. We aren’t even aware of the vast majority of them, but it’s also estimated that most of those thoughts that we do have an awareness of are negative. That sets the stage for some interesting thought processes!

When we have a problem we want to work out, we often find ourselves spinning the same thoughts around in our minds many times, and often repeating this effort with the same results. Those results might be conclusions such as:

  • This is futile.
  • There’s no way this is going to work
  • I can’t figure this out.
  • If I go this way, this result is bad; and if I go the other way, it’s catastrophic.
  • This is too hard.
  • Nothing should be this hard.
  • I can’t make this work.
  • Forget it.

We often feel like we have for force or brains to come up with an answer that is rational, and our mental-centric focus consumes our time and energy, and often leaves us with the conclusion that there really isn’t an answer, so we”re done right there.

What about another set of skills and source of answers?

  • A group master mind – many different opinions and ideas
  • Brainstorming
  • Letting the questions/problems/issues “rest” a while and come back to them after putting it out of mind for a while
  • Sleep on it – the brain works to solve problems unfettered by beliefs and an “I give up” response
  • Introspection – the quieting of the mind and sitting quietly and waiting for ideas
  • Inviting your mind to come up with ideas in a free-flowing way, have paper and pencil to write with!
  • Journaling about the problem to be solved.

See, there are answers that are available, we are just often so self-centered that we ignore or unaware of the synchronous answers that swim in our consciousness because we are too busy trying to force-create a solution. Sometimes the answer will just appear right out of the blue sky. This is learning to listen to other things and not being so brainy about solutions to questions.

A skilled coach will help you out of the Stuck places. Asking surprisingly powerful questions that interrupt the logic and transform you to accessing your creative self. Such a coach might guide you to somatic (body) awareness of answers and hints, and use visualizatino or movement to help shake things loose.

Reason two that we can’t listen to our inner wisdom: Overthinking the “facts” too long and forgetting about awareness and possibilities. They are out there.


Hi, I’m Lizzie Bennett, enjoying my Life’s Journey as a woman, daughter, sister, daughter, aunt, mom, military veteran, and gammy. I’m certified and licensed as a Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse (Registered Nurse) and Registered Hypnotherapist. I facilitate others individually or in small groups to learn their Authentic Selves with the education of an advanced nurse, the joy of my life’s events, and the compassion of a Wounded Healer.  My platform for change is Three Moons Medicine® where I use Therapies, teachings, and uplifting Readings to help you understand and create your own way.

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