Where’s my “Inner Wisdom??” Part 1 of 8

Inner wisdom is the place where we often find answers, deep realizations and our own way. And yet, answers can seem remote and even impossible at times. This is one of the many ways that end up feeling “stuck,” and might seek help.

In this first segment, a tip to look at and ask ourselves is “Am I relying on the so-called expert opinions of others too much?” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking wisdom, opinions, and the education from experts that we need to build our own knowledge base so that we can make an informed decision.

And yet, there is some point to where we might be under an “information overload” kind of moment when we feel like it’s just too much, so no decision is made, and we remain status quo – or, stuck. And, we don’t make a decision at all, or even seek the best decision in our minds any more, because we don’t trust ourselves to hand the over abundance of information and make a decision.

Or, we might be faced with conflicting information that we gathered and, not knowing how to move, we just don’t.

These are where a good coach can help you. By asking you questions that take you out of the overload of other people’s opinions and advice and help you to delve into what your own desires are, how you want to see things turn out, and help you get clarity around what you want, and how to best move forward.

That’s the wonderful thing about a good, solid, coaching model. Accessing the wisdom that is in your heart, your body, your soul, and your experience. No advice-giving. Why? Because for one coach, I believe your whole experience of living and knowing has an answer, already.

Reason one we can’t listen to our inner wisdom: Relying on other “experts” too much.


Hi, I’m Lizzie Bennett, enjoying my Life’s Journey as a woman, daughter, sister, daughter, aunt, mom, military veteran, and gammy. I’m certified and licensed as a Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse (Registered Nurse). I facilitate others individually or in small groups to learn their Authentic Selves with the education of an advanced nurse, the joy of my life’s events, and the compassion of a Wounded Healer.  My platform for change is Three Moons Medicine® where I use Therapies, teachings, and uplifting Readings to help you understand and create your own way.

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