Wednesday Coach’s Wisdom

People don’t do what they are afraid to do. They don’t want to say they’re afraid. ~ overheard at a bookstore in Lakewood, Washington.

I was enjoying my weekend cup of coffee and a good book, a weekly treat for me. The table next to me had an animated conversation going which I had all but tuned out when this nugget floated right into my ear, like a serendipitous hummingbird. And it sat there for a few days, too.

I noticed that one thing in common that kept me from moving forward with my three-year plan was lack of clarity. I was completely and obliviously happy to go to work, come home, and not worry about much, then one day it actually caught me by surprise, but there I was, wondering about retirement of all things. Where would I live? In a house, tiny home, condo? Would I have to work in retirement? What might I do?

Needless to say, I needed clarity! Too many thoughts were floating around, like dust bunnies when under the bed is dusted – too many, too much, too overwhelming!

Then I got to thinking about what I needed? Maybe a coach to help me sort this? (After all, I’m a coach and that’s what I do, right?) But then it hit me:

I don’t have a clue what I want out of coaching.

And, I bet that’s what many people think, too. What can a coach do for me?

Well, enter the information* taught by Dr. Linda Bark, PhD, RN and Master Coach, which starts with: finding out what the clients wants to do. Here’s how that works:

Over time, the conversation reveals:

  1. What the clients wants to do, or the goal
  2. What is their desired action list and steps?
  3. What does the timeline look like based on the methods or actions to get there
  4. What kind of support can I, as the coach, offer?
  5. What challenges might we anticipate now that may crop up on the journey?

What helps me right now, as a coach, is that these are all the topics that a coaching series reveals with the techniques and therapeutic skills I have, but I never put them in writing or realized the need for a structure in coaching.

My questions for you are:

  • What is it that you fear to do that keeps you awake at night?

Do you have a plan, or does it seem overwhelming and you relax back to the familiar and safe? (Yeah, that’s what I did for a long time!)

I just want you to know that it IS safe to start the conversation. And, because I’m a Registered Nurse, we can talk about health issues that impact your life: especially chronic conditions. I’ll even (with your express permission and knowledge) go over doctor’s directions that you might not exactly know how to implement, especially Diabetes Type 2. And, you’ll feel good through the process and get notes for your doctor if you like.

Reference and Resource:

Bark, Linda. 2011. The Wisdom of the Whole, page 75.  Click picture to view book on Amazon.





Hi, I’m Lizzie Bennett, enjoying my Life’s Journey as a woman, daughter, sister, daughter, aunt, mom, military veteran, and gammy. I’m certified and licensed as a Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse (Registered Nurse). I facilitate others individually or in small groups to learn their Authentic Selves with the education of an advanced nurse, the joy of my life’s events, and the compassion of a Wounded Healer.  My platform for change is Three Moons Medicine® where I use Therapies, teachings, and uplifting Readings to help you understand and create your own way.

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