Wednesday Coach’s Wisdom

We don’t really fear the unknown. We fear what we think about the unknown.
~ Teal Swan
Coaching with a Nurse Coach is decidedly different. One thing you will notice right away is that you are TOLD very little. Why is that?
We believe that asking the right questions to you, at the right time is paramount to developing the skills in life to look within, listen for an intuitive answer, analyze that answer with your worldview and goals, and then talk about that.
See, looking into the unknown (what isn’t known) with curiosity and support from your Nurse Coach will help you to expand the known (what you deduce and learn).
Unlike other coaching experiences, you are greeted as the expert in your own life and preferences. You are invited to rely on YOURSELF and knowing, rather than someone who touts themselves as an expert. That way, your Nurse Coach journeys into the unknown with you to retrieve answers and realizations.

Hi, I’m Lizzie Bennett, enjoying my Life’s Journey as a woman, daughter, sister, daughter, aunt, mom, military veteran, and gammy. I’m certified and licensed as a Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse (Registered Nurse). I facilitate others individually or in small groups to learn their Authentic Selves with the education of an advanced nurse, the joy of my life’s events, and the compassion of a Wounded Healer.  My platform for change is Three Moons Medicine® where I use Therapies, teachings, and uplifting Readings to help you see your own way.

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