Three Moons Medicine® Coaching

When you choose the coaching experience with me or with an associated Three Moons Medicine® Coach, you are taking a positive step to learning the power of partnership, and that you are your own best guide through the challenges of life. We would like to introduce you to some of the principles that guide what you can expect from us.

Why Three Moons? Three months, or about 90 days is a season in life, and this amount of time is what it usually takes for new habits and changes to “take hold,” and become a routine part of life. Whether it’s belief in yourself, a healthy behavior change you want to explore, or even changes in your emotional beliefs, that’s a good amount of time to solidify new habits. And that means having a partner along the way: your coach.

Partnership in coaching means that the coach walks with you through changes, asks deep questions that are meant to wake up your own sense of inner knowing, and witnesses your journey to inner knowing – your learning process that unfolds. You will be supported to fine your own inner voice, which is the one that tells you what is best. You’ll experience a rewarding familiarity with your inner knowing as your unknown path unfolds.

Your coach walks beside you as very complex issues are explored, always following your lead, and not taking charge. The coach is skilled in movement through the complex but will not be the leader. As movement through situations is achieved, the pace and direction are determined by you with your coach alongside and with. This is where skilled communication techniques come in.

Your coach will bring deep listening methods to the conversations; will ask powerful questions that evoke possibilities to move through, co-creates your plan with you, and will be your support and accountability partner.

Partnership means that your Coach is not the expert in your particular matter, but instead is your support as you explore what changes (if any) are to be made, guide with questions and possibilities, and focus on you in charge. This might be a new experience for you.

If you have had coaches in the past, but never have worked with a Nurse Coach, you might have had someone act in the role of Expert. This role might have been where you were told what to do, given assignments, or even held to task. If that’s the role you are used to and looking for, then a partnership style of coaching will be new to you. See, YOU alone are the expert on your life, what you think, how you believe, and the direction to take.

We’ll explore more on coaching and co-creation in a future blog.


Hi, I’m Lizzie Bennett, enjoying my Life’s Journey as a woman, daughter, sister, daughter, aunt, mom, military veteran, and gammy. I’m certified and licensed as a Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse (Registered Nurse). I facilitate others individually or in small groups to learn their Authentic Selves with the education of an advanced nurse, the joy of my life’s events, and the compassion of a Wounded Healer.  My platform for change is Three Moons Medicine® where I use Therapies, teachings, and uplifting Readings to help you see your own way.

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