Think It Over

The first step to your splendid future is to envision it. Then, make it real by telling your story.   Lizzie Bennett PhD

How often you might breathe a little sigh…  a silent wish whispered to the Universe. And yet, how often you might then resign yours place in life to “acceptable,” instead of “this is the BEST EVER!”

Here’s a very plain, simple truth for you, and me, and all of us:

Nobody thinks in our heads but ourselves.

We might have beliefs that don’t serve us, we may not know that trauma experienced in life may hinder the way we see our lives and process thoughts, we may not know. We just are: ignorant. We live by assumptions, and the beliefs that others gave us.

And most of us don’t even know.

It’s easy to daydream and “wish,” and it’s also easy to delve further. How? It starts with you talking. To another compassionate human being. This is called telling your story. Your story defines your beliefs, it highlights assumptions you may not even know, it gets you to state and say what’s going on.

Not therapy.

This is full-on story medicine. And you and your story matter.

© Lizzie Bennett RN

Lizzie Bthree_moons_medicine-1ennett is a Registered Nurse and Ordained Minister of some years. She is a thought and cognitive therapist and owns Three Moons Medicine™ as her private counseling and coaching practice, a blog, educational forum, Facebook page, and outreach to support others on their journey.


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