Shocking Simple Hair Rescue!

I had heard recently about using baking soda and vinegar for hair care.

Say what? Yeah! I knew about the baking soda + vinegar method for drain cleaning already. Those things are usually available in my bathroom cabinet waiting for this very opportunity, which very seldom arises. But that was about the extent of my adventures with this combo.

When I moved from the Seattle area to Las Vegas for a few months, I experienced what I have to call “horse hair,” that was breaking, falling, out and really worrying me. I tried about 4 different kinds of shampoos both liquid and bar, and finally figured out the stone-hard water there simply would not (nor could it) rinse product out of my hair. I had never even known about water like this before. Add to this the almost non-existence humidity, which fluctuated between 0% to 30% when it rained, and this combination was spelling a quick “bye-bye” to my long, fine, blonde hair.

Queue my next move: out of the desert to San Francisco, the beautiful city by the Bay. Humidity! YAY! Softer water! I thought my adventures in hair stories was done, and to tell the truth, much of the breakage stopped. But still, some of the previously-damaged hair still fell out time to time.

Can you image the shock when I found that two simple ingredients both CLEANSE and SOOTHE my hair?

Not only have I learned to save money – but also time – because now I can go two to three days without washing my hair.

Enter my modified NO – POO status! (I really wanted to try the seductive simplicity of the “NO POO” movement, but with super-fine hair like mine, my previous attempts went about 4 days before I had to wash the oils out. So, I was a no-poo FAIL!)

Here’s the how-to! 

Baking Soda. First of all, I like to find and use baking soda that is just that. Plain and simple, without the addition of aluminum in it “to prevent caking.” That’s what I do, but you can choose whichever you like. (Baking Soda is also Sodium Bicarbonate, or Bicarbonate of Sodium, if you are searching for a brand that doesn’t have additives. See resources at the end)

“SHAMPOO”  The ratio for you to use to “wash” your hair is 1 part baking soda to 3 parts water. However much you need for your own hair – that’s up to you. You can mix it and keep in in a squeeze bottle in your shower (like *ahem* an empty shampoo bottle that you don’t use any more).

Just shake up well, and squeeze onto your wet hair in the shower and work through with your fingers until your scalp is well massaged and your hair has the mixture to the ends. Wait a minute or so and rinse out with warm water.

“RINSE”  You can use apple cider vinegar (ACV) for a great rinse. Grab an empty “conditioner” bottle that you don’t use any more, and mix 1 part of ACV to 3 parts water. If you want to put some fragrant essential oils in, feel free to – but you MUST do your own research to check for toxicity with medications you use, interactions with plastic bottles, or allergies you may have. Essential oils smell great, but be sure to check. I have found that a couple drops of lavender or rosemary works well for me.

To use tilt back your head and distribute this throughout your hair, and massage a bit, then thoroughly rinse. I have heard to use cold water to rinse with, but in the shower, that clearly isn’t happening – and so far, I’ve not had any ill effects from not using cold water.

BLACK HAIR – Through some internet searches, it appears that this combo (or near to it) is great for Black Hair, if it’s not overly dry. Be sure to search for reputable blogs and sources, like blackhair 101 dot com


Did you try this? Do you have any tips or changes that you made that worked well for you? Any recommendations? Let us know, please!







Be absolutely sure to KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED while using products, even natural ones, near your eyes until the vinegar and baking soda are thoroughly rinsed away. Some essential oils are not safe to use around your face – you must learn and use EOs safely.

© Lizzie Bennett RN

Lizzie Bthree_moons_medicine-1ennett is a Registered Nurse and Ordained Minister of some years and owns Three Moons Medicine™ as her private counseling and coaching practice, a blog, educational forum, Facebook page, and outreach to support others on their journey.


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