Part 3: Why you NEED a Nurse Advocate

Part 3: The Sacredness of You

Part 1 of this series addressed the scope of practice and the skills that independent registered nurses (RNs) bring to conversations and interventions. Part 2 was a look, albeit someone a sterile and clinical one, at the basis of private registered nurse practice – the nursing diagnosis and how it can be a key part to show progress and points along the continuum of exploring one’s personal story and being supported in goals, progress, or the holiness of telling the Story to another Human Being. Now, for the final Part 3, I would introduce the characteristics and necessity of a healing, holistic conversation.

There is a thing called “therapeutic conversation,” which evokes one person in need, and another person attempting to fix or treat that person. To me personally, even in my decades of RN practice, this seemed to be “off,” somehow. Uneven. And yet, it was the norm for practice that focused on the medical establishment providing for, or doing to – rather than – walking with, creating with, and witnessing.

The art and science of this style of conversation means that the nurse is not a diagnostician or trying to fix, but instead – supporting and helping to create a place of discovery. Discovery of power, healing decisions, and helping others to recognize their own transcendent decision-making options.

The skills an RN who practices holistically must develop to create Holistic Communication instead of only Therapeutic Communication include advanced awarenesses. We go beyond defining and prescribing and creating the therapeutic millieu.

The nurse begins by accessing a centeredness and a caring-healing relationship awareness instead of clinical practice. The nurse acknowledges the Infinite, and the Sacred Nature of Being that each person simply is. Heart Centering is a key process in which the nurse connects to being and sets aside concerns and thoughts and instead focuses on love and compassion. (Interestingly, Institute of Heart Math has conducted research that shows this creates a coherence in the electromagnetic energy field and increases IgA and mental clarity!) Grounding is intentional calming of the mind and an inward focus on the flow of energy which provides the nurse and client with self-awareness and connection to the other person. Once grounding is done, an Intention is created which is the human capacity closely related to consciousness and aligns the divine purpose and highest good for this meeting of humans. Once preparation such as this is accomplished, the nurse is willing and able to present him- or herself in a caring, transcendent (heart open, loving) presence to promote a caring-healing interaction.

So, in conclusion, it is through extensive knowledge-gathering, practice, and feedback from peers and mentors that a Holistic Nurse has achieved skills to bring both the best in clinical judgement and in heart-open communication to every conversation. This holistic nurse does not intend to fix or advise, but instead to hear, and through reflective practice, create an awareness of personal power, personal choices, and supported creation of intentions and actions by the individual.


R. McCraty and others, The Coherent Heart: Heart-Brain Interactions, Psychophysiological Coherence, and the Emergence of System-Wide Order (Boulder Creek, CA: HeartMath research Center, Institute of HeartMath, 2006.)

© Lizzie Bennett

Lizzie Bthree_moons_medicine-1ennett is a Registered Nurse and Ordained Minister of some years and owns Three Moons Medicine™ as her private counseling and coaching practice, a blog, educational forum, Facebook page, and outreach to support others on their journey.


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