Aquamarine Water for Improved Health

Earlier this morning, I was watching a short video about crystals. It’s funny how almost everyone is drawn to crystals (I use the term “crystal” whether or not the stones are polished) either by casually picking one up while on a walk, or intentionally seeking out the healing energies of them with specific needs and purposes in mind.

There are studies that support the use of energy medicine by health care providers with positive correlations on headaches (Woods) and dementia (Macneil) when registered nurses use Therapeutic Touch, an energy modulating therapy. Energy medicine includes manipulating energy and vibration.

Is there a body of double-blind, reproducible studies that confirm the healing powers of the energies (vibrational) that energy from crystals? I haven’t been able to find any – and I have stealth skills for medical and scientific peer-reviewed articles on studies as an advanced practice RN (Registered Nurse). However;  Dr Richard Gerber MD, in his book Vibrational Medicine explains: “…human beings are, to some extent, living crystals.  Certain aspects of the human energy system have the same transformational properties as natural quartz crystals.  When one uses natural quartz crystals to heal the body, energy transference occurs partly because of a resonance effect between the quartz crystal and those cellular crystal systems with quartz-like properties.  These same bio crystalline elements amplify certain aspects of the life force in special energy circuits that run throughout the body.  Bio crystalline systems are intimately involved with mediating the input of higher vibrational energies into the body.”

Enter the concept of vibrational medicine using the energy of crystals. Perhaps the most widely known crystal used for making healing crystal elixir is Aquamarine. It is widely thought that as cells age and regenerate over time, some of the energy blueprint “drifts,” or changes and we end up with cells that are “aged” as we advance in years. It’s thought this results in dysfunction, dis-eases, and advancing age is related to this effect. Aquamarine crystals have been worn with the intention set to enjoy the inner well of knowledge, self-awareness, wisdom and creativity. As a crystal of wide renown, Aquamarine is clothed with healing attributes such as clarity of mind, a deep association with water (which our bodies are mostly made of), and it energizes the liquid we need – water.

Making Aquamarine water (an elixir) is not difficult, but one must be sure to obtain the purest crystals they can find, and set the intention for the restorative nature of the liquid energy as it will be entering all of our cells and infusing our bodies with this energy.


If you have an Aquamarine crystal that you are pleased with and “feels” right for you – congratulations, this is the most difficult part – finding a crystal you have a connection with. If you don’t have an Aquamarine crystal you connect with, you have a couple of options. You can perform a basic search and find a crystal shop near you where you can find one, or you can find an online retailer (check references). Aquamarine can be raw, tumbled or faceted, as it pleases you.

You will need the following:

  1. Good, clear, clean water that is right for you. Some people like distilled, some like filtered, some like fresh water from an outdoor source.
  2.  A glass receptacle for the water
  3.  Your crystal.

Have your supplies out and ready.

Hold the crystal in your hand, (or if it’s small, hold it in tweezers) and visualise the energy transfer from the crystal to the water as you slowly stream the water over the crystal into the glass pitcher or receptacle. Once you are done pouring the water, carefully set your crystal on a soft surface to dry naturally. The water is ready immediately for drinking! I personally like to make my elixir in the sunshine for an “extra” boost of radiant energy.

You can use Aquamarine water as much as you like for drinking, and you can also use it for cooking. I caution people to drink only 1 glass at a time starting out. Sometimes the energy feels quite expansive, or you might even feel somewhat spacey. At any rate, the energetic signature certainly is unique to each person in terms of effects.

My favourite recommendation for people starting out on Aquamarine Water is to do a self-analysis on pain points, skin problems, periods of depression or doubt and keep a journal over six weeks that includes any sensations, improvements, and how much Aquamarine Water was consumed. How long after you drank it did you feel something?


M. MacNeil, “Therapeutic Touch, Pain, and Caring Implications for Nursing Practice,” International Journal for Human Caring 10, no. 1 (2006): 40-48.

D. Woods, “The Effect of Therapeutic Touch on Behavioral Symptoms of Persons With Dementia,” Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 11, no 1 (2005): 66-74.

© Lizzie Bennett 2017


Aquamarine Water Book
Aquamarine Water Travel Bottle
Raw, untreated and natural Amethyst pieces
Vibrational Medicine by Dr. Richard Gerber, MD




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