Welcome to my new Blog!

Join me on my journey, because I believe it is really our journey. The shared experience of living.

Gleaning through my life’s experiences and the many things I have learned, it seems that three areas have become evident in my practice as a holistic healing RN over the decades.

I see our personal stories as things that aren’t shared with others easily or readily. People who know us often only know the picture we present on social media, or through conversations at work, or at home. But rarely do we really share those tender parts of our stories. The parts that are bitter, or hurt, or are darker than we would like to believe ourselves. And yet, it’s these stories that have power. They have details and a poetry and sometimes a lack of symmetry that we cover up in our conscious beliefs.

Second, even though the ancient rishis of old and the Bible’s account in Genesis speak of energy – vibration – as a creative force in our lives. The creative sound of “ommmm” and the Lord speaking (the voice is vibrating with life) match up to demonstrate ancient knowledge of the creative power of energy and vibration. It’s been known that the “laying on of hands,” has healing power, and RNs have led the scientific evaluation and examination of the healing effects of energy and intention. And yet, we have a collective lack of access to and understanding of the many layers of healing.

And the third commonality of the human experience I’ve noticed is that we seem to lack the experience of peace. We don’t play enough, we don’t practice focus and direct our attention enough. We are so focused OUTWARD in Western thought and living that we seem to have lost that inner sense of peace with the world and with ourselves. And, in connexion with intentional living, we can benefit from that serenity within.

© 2017 Lizzie Bennett

three_moons_medicine-1Lizzie Bennett is a Registered Nurse of some years and owns Three Moons Medicine™ as her private counselling and coaching practice, a blog, educational forum, Facebook page, and outreach to support others on their journey.


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