Welcome to Three Moons Medicine™


We’ve been on diets. We know the disappointments of failing.

We’ve been to weekly weigh-ins. We know how devastating that little metal box can be.

We’ve been bored and we still eat. We’ve given up at times, and just decided “this is how it’s going to be.”

It’s a well-known fact that changing our behaviors around food is effective…. but pretty much only on a short-term basis. But, it does not help those of us who are heavy and overweight for the longer term because several things are NOT addressed:

  • the emotions and feelings of shame that surround being “fat.”
  • poor self-esteem
  • thoughts that we aren’t worth the effort, or that we cannot succeed

DID YOU KNOW: most weight loss programs have a 90 to 95% failure rate? That means those pre-packaged, one-size fits all, impersonal programs are a predictable failure. They have failed us.

Instead, we need to be heard! We need someone to validate us, and help us along the way.

An advocate.

Today, modern weight loss counseling includes changing self-talk (which also include thoughts and beliefs) into more realistic and positive thoughts that help us to make better choices, understand that we do have choices, and set us up for better successes. In the cutting-edge technique, conversations help each individual to personally identify tension stress where negative statements and beliefs are fostered, and the negatives are specifically targeted with positive self talk statements that support both stress reduction and help create higher beliefs and thoughts.

Releasing toxic fat from our bodies is a first step in reclaiming Whole Health for our lives. Health is much more than weighing less, it’s believing in a higher ability, learning more about our inner selves, and being supported nutritionally on our journeys.

This is my specialty at Three Moons Medicine™ where science, nutrition, thought examination and Story combine to help the Whole Person.

Hi, I’m Dr. Lizzie Bennett. I’m so glad you are here.